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Print VDA 4992 Material Label (MAT Label)

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The automotive industry has increasing requirements regarding traceability along the whole supply chain. To ensure this traceability, flow of information on specific properties of material and parts has to be aligned and synchronized with the flow of the materials / parts.
This can be achieved by a unique material label (MAT label) on the smallest package unit containing a clearly defined set of traceability information. The VDA 4992 MAT Label recommendation defines a MAT label that can be used in the whole automotive supply chain for the above mentioned purposes.
The definition of VDA 4992 MAT label takes into account the work accomplished by an industry consortium, which has published an own MAT label under the designation MAT-Label Version 2.6.

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Used data for version normal and small
Part No.:
Measure unit code:
1. Batch:
2. Batch:
Expiry Date (DYYYYMMDD):  
Indicator for RoHS compliance:  
Moisture Sensitivity (MS)-Level:  

Used data for version normal
Ordering Code:
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Delivery Note:
Man. Part-No.:
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 US/UK Flag  English label description

 Version normal (78 x 45 mm)
 Version small (50 x 20 mm)

The MAT-Label as a part of the logistic process

The MAT-Label is a complement to existing logistics labels such as VDA 4902, Odette Transport Label or VDA 4994 Global Transport Label. It does not replace logistics labels. For the material label there are two different sizes with different contents. The small MAT label has a size of 50 x 20 mm. The larger version of the MAT label has a size of 78 x 45 mm according to the VDA standard.

The most important information on traceability is:

  • batch
  • Supplier No.
  • order no./delivery note no.
  • Prod. date
Some of this information is only available on the larger version of the label. All information is contained in plain text and machine-readable in 2D code (Data Matrix Code).

Example of an VDA 4992 MAT Label - in normal version

Example of an VDA 4992 MAT Label - in small version