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VDA 4992 MAT Label - Description for printing MAT labels according to VDA 4992 standard

The MAT label according to VDA 4992 standard was developed for labeling packaging and articles according to traceability in the production process. A lot of information is available on the label in plain text. In addition, a Datamatrix code is also printed with all the information in machine-readable form. The MAT label is often used in the automotive but also in the electrical industry.

With the portal my-VDA-Label.de MAT labels according to VDA 4992 standard can be generated easily with a few clicks. Below you will find a short description of the Pro version of the software. The software runs completely in the browser and is therefore available on any device with access to the Internet. PDF files are generated for printing the MAT labels.

After logging in, the user is in the following menu:

There are two master data functions for entering the part master data and the supplier data. Usually, only the customers company is created as a supplier. In the case that there is only one supplier, this supplier is automatically selected in the print function. This reduces the effort to create a MAT label by one selection.

All data required for the label can be entered and saved in the Parts master data. The batch can be preset via the master data. There is also the possibility to calculate the production date or the best before date automatically. The corresponding number of days can be set in the master data.

The supplier master data contains only few informations. Only the supplier number, supplier description and the field Supplier data can be filled here.

The supplier and the part are selected in the print function. All data from the master data are displayed and can be changed if necessary before printing. In addition, different languages for the label and different formats and sizes of the VDA 4992 MAT label can be selected.