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Print GS1-SSCC-Label - version: Item with quantity, batch and production date

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The SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code), which was previously also called Number of the shipping unit (NVE), is a number for globally unique identification of a shipping unit (for example, a pallet).
The SSCC was standardized by the GS1 organization under the name GS1-128, formerly EAN128. The SSCC is made up of various parts:

  • "00" as data identifier for recognition of the SSCC.
  • an extension that can be used freely by the producer of the SSCC.
  • 7-digit Global Location Number (GLN), which uniquely identifies the producer of the SSCC (manufacturer or forwarding agent).
  • 9-digit consecutive number per shipping unit - often the delivery note number (or part of the delivery note number) is used in combination with a consecutively numbered package number.
  • The last digit of the SSCC is a check digit for checking the plausibility of the SSCC during input.

In this version of printing the GS1-SSCC/NVE label, a basic label is created for an homogeneous logistic unit/shipping unit with the additional information quantity, batch, and production date. In other versions of the label, other information can be added to the shipping unit and printed.

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(00) Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC):  
(02) Content:  
(37) Count:  
(11) Production date (TT.MM.JJJJ):  
(10) Batch/Lot-No.:  

GS1-SSCC/NVE-Label Artikelrein mit Menge, Charge und Produktionsdatum